Southeast in Active Motion

SouthEast in Active Motion (SEAM) is a coalition of several neighborhoods in Southeast Portland. SEAM grew out of a committee of the Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Coalition dedicated to active transportation — cycling, walking, scootering, skateboarding. It eventually grew into the current organization, composed of land-use representatives from the Mt. Scott-Arleta, Brentwood-Darlington, Woodstock, Foster-Powell, and Lents neighborhood associations. SEAM advocates for street infrastructure improvements that enable residents of Southeast Portland to more easily use alternative transportation like walking, cycling, and transit.


SouthEast in Active Motion (SEAM) advocates for infrastructure and policies that make all forms of mobility safer, more accessible, and well connected across neighborhoods for the residents of historically underserved and diverse mid-Southeast Portland.

  • We are dedicated to ensuring our residents a full range of mobility choices.
  • We seek to focus on planning, designing, and building transportation infrastructure for all users of public spaces.
  • We are dedicated to keeping in place our populations that are most vulnerable to displacement through tenant protections, anti-displacement measures, and increased housing choices.
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