March 2019 SEAM Meeting Minutes

Minutes from SouthEast in Active Motion Meeting
2019 March 25, Monday – SEAM @ New Seasons Market – Woodstock


  • Stephenie Frederick, BDNA
  • Thatch Moyle, WNA
  • Matchu Williams, MSANA
  • Leah Fisher, SEUL

Elected Officials Outreach:

  • Karin Power HD 41 (already in support of SEAM)
  • Rob Nose HD 42
  • Alyssa Keny-Guyer HD 46
  • Jeff Reardon HD 48
  • Kathleen Taylor SD 21
  • Michael Dembrow SD 23
  • Shemia Fagan SD 24

Next Officials and Groups to Contact:

  • Jessica Vega Pederson – Multnomah County Commissioner
  • Chloe Eudaly – Portland City Council
    • Eudaly has interest in the promises provided to annexed areas of Portland over the years going back to the 1980s and will have a report provided documenting what those were
  • Bob Stacey & L. Peterson @ Metro
  • Citizen Advisory Groups
    • research members of Bicycle Advisory Committee and Citizen Advisory Committee and others that advise City Council

Partnership Drive:

  • Change effort to Coalition building via groups signing on…or something like that.
  • Non-financial membership with cooperation and clearly defined study area

Endorsement Partner List:

TriMet and Transit focus for April Meeting

  • Enhanced Transit Corridors
  • ** email Stephenie about PBOT’s ETCs


  • Walking Audit **
  • Bike Rides
  • Emphasize Quality Over Quantity

Project List:

  • Master Bicycle Plan
  • PedPDX

Additional Notes:

  • April 2nd 5PM, TUESDAY – Public Testimony for City of Portland Budget @ IRCO Main Office on NE Glisan
  • May 9th 6:30-8:30PM, THURSDAY, City of Portland & Prosper Portland Public hearing
  • ** Work with Stephenie, Chelsea, and Terry to identify what to say and to emphasize
  • 82nd Ave Study/82nd Avenue Development Project(PBOT)
    • advocate for anti-displacement measures with zoning and planning efforts
    • state desires a more equitable transfer process for Urban State Highways
  • Funds from Cap & Investment (HB2020), endorsed by Karin Power, could fund the transfer of state highways to city jurisdiction
  • How to get TriMet to start including climate change in its Press Releases and Statements

SEAM Membership: Broad and general or focused, action-oriented?

  • perhaps minimize discussion of carbon issues when conducting outreach knowing that it is a core value and can be introduced gradually over time into the group mission

** Tabling/activity booths at summertime events such as Sunday Parkways, Movies in the Park, National Night Outs, Portland In the Streets, et. al.

  • piggy back on existing events
  • develop hashtags
  • 3-5 minutes elevator pitches
  • stickers, pins
  • maps and other images
  • Mapping activity where neighbors identify barriers, destinations and paths where they walk/bike most, transit gaps or opportunities. 
  • Thank you notes to decision makers for actions taken toward safer streets (signed by community members, or bureaus (like PBOT) for graveling roads or other safety improvements)
  • Walking audits – here is a link to some resources:

Keep in mind of the regional and national reality of climate change and its impact upon the Pacific Northwest as a destination away from flooding, etc.


  • owner of property is John Blumenauer, son of Rep Earl Blumenauer
  • Woodstock “Modera” style
  • access to parking on SE 48th Ave
  • Robert Leebe is leading design
  • 45’ Height
    • Rooftop Gardens? Solar & Wind Generations? Other modifications can be accommodated this early into the design process if requested.

April meeting of SEAM:

  • TriMet and Transit
  • Enhanced Transit Corridors
  • Neighborhood Association endorsements
  • Develop content for tabling and identify upcoming events
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