City of Portland Rose Lane Project

The Rose Lane Project is intended to speed up transit service within Portland.  A “Rose Lane” is a transit route where buses and streetcars have priority in stretches of the road where they are most delayed.  Although the name highlights the most prominent strategy – painting bus-only stretches of street a bright red – the Rose Lane Project consists of many strategies, such as traffic lights that permit “queue jumping” (being first to cross an intersection).

Just under a year into the Rose Lane program,  PBOT has constructed several projects across the city and has more ready to roll out during next construction season.  Constructing all of the proposed projects in this next phase will take several years, and the pace at which PBOT can roll out projects depends on when funding becomes available.

PBOT wishes to share a status update with the public and gather feedback on nine months of Rose Lane implementation.  An online open house will begin on December 9, 2020 and be available through January 8, 2021. It will include an online survey, an interactive online map of projects, estimated benefits to Rose Lane transit lines and the entire transportation system, and more.

The feedback gathered from the online open house survey will inform the Rose Lane Project’s plans for the next few years.

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