Errol Heights Street Improvements

Engineering specifications and cost estimates are now complete for the Errol Heights street project.  The improvements planned for Errol Heights streets are: 

  • Paving of every gravel street
  • Adding sidewalks to SE Malden and Tenino drives 
  • Curving Malden and Tenino to calm traffic
  • Managing storm water via swales, pipes, dry wells, and two water gardens
  • Installing LED street lights as needed
  • Planting street trees
  • And just outside Errol Heights:  Filling in sidewalks on SE Harney and 45th Avenue

Part of the funding will come from a Local Improvement District (LID) approved by neighborhood residents, who will make their LID payments when they sell their properties.  The city government will match these funds at a 4-to-1 ratio, with some funding coming from Parks & Recreation, and some from the city’s Transportation System Development Charges.

PBOT plans to notify the city council in January 2021 of a Resolution of Intent to form the LID.  In February, the council will adopt an ordinance formally establishing the district.  Then it will be possible to advertise for construction bids.  Construction will begin in late June or July 2021.

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