Local Land Use Planning Has Unrolled

TGM Grant  In 2020, PBOT secured a grant for a planning effort in our area.  This effort will result in recommendations that, when approved by city council, will allow us to have some influence over our future and increased investment in our street infrastructure (such as sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, bicycle lanes, formally marked intersections).

The target neighborhoods are Woodstock, Mt. Scott-Arleta, Brentwood-Darlington, the southern portion of Foster-Powell, and the western portion of Lents.  The Transportation & Growth Management (TGM) grant comes from the State of Oregon’s Department of Land Conservation & Development. 

Scheduled to through March 2023 (latest update), the planning effort has just begun.  Planners will use demographic, economic, and transportation data to evaluate rezoning (to spur commercial development), displacement risk (to create anti-displacement measures intended to protect our most vulnerable populations), and improvements in transit service and infrastructure for active transportation (such as cycling, walking, scootering, skateboarding).  

The spring and summer months will be devoted to data collection.  The project managers will call on the Office of Community & Civic Life to form a project advisory committee (PAC) composed of people who represent our area in all walks of life and work.  Extensive engagement with the area’s public is slated to start up in the fall in the form of surveys, focus groups, and emailed notices.  PBOT has created a website for the project. 

For detail, read the minutes of the information meeting held January 27, 2021 here:


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