What’s Next for Portland?

PDX Forward will host “Revitalizing Portland: A City in Crisis; Where Do We Go From Here?” tomorrow evening. An exciting panel of guest tomorrow will discuss how Portland can move to address multiple crises and works a future that benefits all community members.

The guest panel includes Ciara Pressler (small business advocate), Kaia Sand (Executive Director of Streets Roots), Jarrett Walker (mass transportation advocate), and Ady Leverette (Business for a Better Portland). Topics include what role the changing workplace will have on the city, shifts in transportation and transit usage, support for unhoused neighbors, and ways to capture the economic recovery to best serve all Portlanders. You may recognize Jarrett Walker as the transit consultant for the Lower SE Rising TGM Planning process.

Rebecca Ellis from OPB will moderate the event. The event is free and open to the public. We hope to see you there. Read more at the link below including how to RSVP.

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