Endorsement Partners

Endorsement Partners are organizations and individuals who support the efforts of SouthEast in Active Motion (SEAM).

Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood AssociationMarch 2019

Mt Scott-Arleta Neighborhood AssociationApril 2019

Foster-Powell Neighborhood AssociationApril 2019

Woodstock Neighborhood Association May 2019

Why Join SEAM?  One entity representing the interest of a larger area can communicate more effectively with government agencies like PBOT and TriMet. In this way, unified voices of multiple organizations/groups are more noticeable when advocating for resident initiated safety projects.  Advocating for inclusion in large scale planning and improvement projects like “In Motion” and “Fixing Our Streets” allows taxpayer resources to be used more efficiently over multiple neighborhoods.

No meeting attendance required!  Advocacy efforts are currently being led by neighbors from Brentwood-Darlington and Mt Scott-Arleta.  Partner organizations can inform SEAM about mobility priorities and advocacy efforts to date, and will have opportunities for support and involvement as they desire.  SEAM will provide regular communication via e-newsletter and website on advocacy efforts.

Sign Me Up!  Interested in becoming an endorsement partner of SouthEast in Active Motion (SEAM)?  We’ll come to your meeting and make it as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Get approval from your organization’s board
  2. Have the Chair or President sign the provided form
  3. We add your organization to the list of endorsement partners
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